Our mission is to revolutionize the pet industry by providing luxury dog products that foster a deeper connection and personalization between dog owners and their beloved companions, breaking away from the traditional dog supplies and offering unique and innovative items that reflect the individuality of each dog.

Our Vision

To inspire dog owners to see their pets as more than just animals, but as valued members of the family, by providing luxury products that reflect that sentiment.



“The dog must come with me,” said Yudhishthira.

“That is not possible,” said Indra. “All cannot attain heaven. The dog is old and thin and has no value.”

“In that case, I do not seek heaven,” replied Yudhishthira. “The dog was my faithful companion, and I cannot abandon it. It sought my help and gave me unconditional love. The pleasures of heaven will mean nothing to me in comparison to its grief. It has done nothing to deserve abandonment and had none of the weaknesses of my wife and brothers. If it does not deserve to go to heaven, then neither do I.”

And so he turned back.

"Stop!" cried Indra. "None have the qualities that you possess, Oh Yudhishthira! The dog is Dharma, from whom you have descended!"

And indeed, the dog had transformed into the God of Dharma and blessed Yudhishthira for his complete lack of selfishness and dedication to righteousness in all circumstances.

And thus rose Yudhishthira to heaven in the chariot of Indra.


 Three years ago, we set out to create a brand to provide quality products for Dog Owners who want to repay their dog for their dharma, with high end gear to elevate their dog’s style.  Dogs show us an immense amount of unconditional love and loyalty. They deserve nothing less, just as Yudhishthira of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, demonstrated.